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Membership Agreement: All rights of the site "" belong to MODACRISE "". The use of the Site by Users and Members is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read the Site Terms of Use carefully before accessing the Site or using the Site. may make changes to this agreement at any time and such changes will take effect immediately upon placing the modified contract on the Site. You agree to periodically review the contract to be informed of such changes and will have access to your continued access to the site or your continued use of the site will constitute your acceptance of the modified contract.

Description Membership to the Site is subject to the acceptance of the conditions set out below. By accessing the Site or using the Site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms and conditions, you may not access or use the site, and you should stop use immediately if you start using it. makes no representations or warranties regarding the services, products, ideas and works of art that are provided under the Site and Site extension, including any Terms of Use, any information and data submitted to the Site, no prior notice or notice, reserves the right to completely stop broadcasting and reorganize the Site to the greatest extent possible.'s changes to the Site Terms of Use will take effect upon publication on the Site and are deemed to have been accepted by the user upon entering, accessing or using the Site. Real or legal entities that complete the membership form on the Site and whose memberships are eligible by are considered "Member". It is mandatory to be 18 years old for membership. Legal entities can only apply for membership with the legal representative.

All members and visitors who visit the Site, visit the Site, use it in any way, access the Site and / or any other way and look at the "User" will notify the Website Terms of Use issued in this page in advance declaration, acceptance and commitment. "User" means any person who enters the Site by entering the Member or any other person who uses the Site, who is browsing the Site, is connected to the Site via any communication device (such as mobile phone, computer), or is in electronic data exchange has been found or is present.
Service Content will provide services on the Site; online shop; If the stock status of is appropriate after the member has paid the price, the goods are delivered by the customer's cargo company without shipment and without any damage.
General Terms and Conditions constantly checks the accuracy and update of existing information on the Site. However, this information may not always be up-to-date by members and users should be observed. reserves the right to cancel membership at any time without any justification.
All intellectual property rights of the Site (including products, information, texts, images, trademarks, icons, visual or auditory etc, video clips, designs, catalogs, files, lists, data, codes, slogans and other marks, page layout etc.) are exclusively owned by Any information, images and materials contained on the Site; All or part of the Site may not be used in a different manner by revising, adding or modifying a portion. The transmission, distribution and sale of the intellectual property offered on the site, in whole or in part, by copying, modification, publication, online or other media, will be in violation of the Law of Idea and Satanic Works No 5846 and subject to civil and criminal penalties .
The member is obliged to use the credit card securely. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages incurred by contractual, tortious, or other reasons. may terminate this contract at any time without notice, in whole or in part. The User or the Applicant's contract is revocable, null and void. has the right to remove from the Site and modify its content, subject to its own discretion and evaluation, whether for coercive or all.
Through the personal information that the member has given, SMS and e-mail within the scope of permitted marketing ... etc. the consent of the informing consent to be sent.
Users and Members are obliged to act in accordance with the general morality and adherence to all applicable national and international laws and regulations, communication and internet security when using the Site. All kinds of expressions, comments, texts, pictures, visual and other information and documents that users will add to the Site must be in accordance with the general morality and the content of the relevant national and international legislation.
Any act or action that may cause the damage of the site's software and hardware systems, affect the operation in a negative way or cause it to slow down is prohibited. The prohibition also includes sending multiple requests or information to the Site through multiple queries using automated programs or software, opening a membership record, or using automated methods.
The members acknowledge, declare and undertake that the passwords given to them are exclusively given to them, that they will not share these passwords with any other party, or that they will be liable for any harm or injury that may arise. is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the member when the membership application is made. has no legal responsibility for damages caused by giving incorrect membership information. reserves the right to take all kinds of security measures, including the prohibition of access to the Site and the cancellation of membership, and to initiate legal action against the violators if necessary, in violation of the Site Terms of Use and the abovementioned rules.
Including, but not limited to, the use of the Site, the use of data and information provided or provided on the Site, the conduct of any such data or information, or any form of computer viruses, trojans or similar malware that may be exposed to access to the Site, has no legal or criminal liability for any and all direct and indirect damages, losses, damages and / or losses which may be caused by users, members or other third parties. Users acknowledge, declare and undertake in advance that they will not make any claims or claims under any name from due to the above mentioned damages.
The disputes arising from the use of the "Website Terms of Use and Membership Agreement" are subject to the Turkish Law and the Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices are authorized.
I give consent in accordance with Article 6 (1) of the "Act on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce" for the purpose of sending commercial electronic messages to the parties through the communication information I provide in the form and for the use of such information by Modacrise and I authorize the sending of commercial electronic messages about campaigns and discount periods for Modacrise and brands